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In addition to pulling from Boone's extensive database of travel and tourism places, the Boone Custom Data Management API allows developers to layer custom data onto places. This includes the ability to match existing location data against the Boone database, and ensure that your custom tags and attributes are returned when you call out for place data from your account.

A typical workflow would look as follows.

  1. An organization would upload custom place data records using the endpoint in Custom Place Data or the endpoint in Imports for larger amounts of bulk data.

  2. If this records include a canonical_place_id, that a data will be associated directly with the Boone place data of the same id.

  3. If they do not, they will be matched using our merging algorithm using name, address, location and several other pieces of information where available.

  4. Any subsequent calls from the Search and Discovery endpoints like Search, Autocomplete and Place Details will then have all custom attribute values merged into the response, overriding the Boone data for those places.

  5. To rematch against a user's own database of places, the Exports endpoint will facilitate bulk exports, or records can be retrieved individually using the endpoints in Custom Place Data.

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